Migrate vSAN Cluster to new vCenter


I had a need to split out the PSC from vCenter to use enhanced link mode for a DR site.  This particular vCenter had been upgraded several times and I opted for a fresh start instead of trying to split out the current vCenter.  I deployed the PSC and vCenter 6.5 as separate VM’s.  After moving vDS and vSAN to new vCenter i will also need to update products that leverage vCenter such as Veeam and Open Manage.

I followed steps from VMware KB 2109891 and Virtuallyghetto.com.

First steps is to deploy just the Platform Service Controller and then vCenter with the external PSC option.

Next would be to export your Virtual Distributed Switch(s) vDS config and import into the new vCenter.  If you use Standard switches they will move over with host so you could skip this step.

2017-04-06 17_28_45-vSphere Web Client


2017-04-06 17_31_08-vSphere Web Client

Then import the VDS configs to the new vCenter

2017-04-07 10_50_08-vSphere Web Client

2017-04-07 10_51_38-vSphere Web Client

From the new vCenter add each host.

Create a vSAN enabled cluster and move the hosts in.

Warning: If you do not use the same cluster name some backup programs wont know where to find the VM’s so make sure you test backups post migration depending on how it was configured.

License vCenter and the vSAN Cluster

Copy over you licensing for vCenter and vSAN.

Move each host in to the cluster.

Enable Dedupe and compression on the cluster if you used it previously.

Export then import any template customization you had

2017-04-07 10_35_32-vSphere Web Client

2017-04-07 10_50_55-Open

Recreate affinity rules.

Reconfigure and re enroll any external products you used with the old vCenter.

Copy over user permissions you find in the old vCenter.

I once moved i updated the vSAN health check DB and don’t see any new warnings or alerts.

2017-04-07 11_45_22-vSphere Web Client













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